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New Regional Arrangements

The new regional arrangements in Yorkshire and Humber are set to become operational on 1st April, when the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly will cease to exist. From Wednesday Local Government Yorkshire and Humber (LGYH) and Yorkshire Forward will be leading the new regional arrangements.

LGYH and Yorkshire Forward are working together to ensure that the Government's sub-national review of economic development and regeneration leads to real benefits throughout the region. LGYH and Yorkshire Forward are working jointly to make sure that national policies and new legislation is grounded in what the region's businesses and communities really need. The arrangements being put in place here in Yorkshire and Humber are seen as a best practice model and are setting the standard for how other areas across the country should operate.

From 1st April the functions of the Assembly will be split between LGYH and Yorkshire Forward, with the two organisations supporting a new Joint Regional Board made up of eight members of the Yorkshire Forward Board and eight Council Leaders - responsible for developing an Integrated Regional Strategy that delivers sustainable economic growth in Yorkshire and the Humber.

LGYH will be taking a lead on the 'housing and regeneration' and 'spatial planning' functions of the Joint Regional Board; while the 'transport' and 'work and skills' functions will be led by Yorkshire Forward. In addition LGYH will work to ensure wider 'people and places' issues, such as culture, cohesion, health and community safety, are reflected in the decisions of the Joint Regional Board; as well as local authority workforce and organisational development issues and the Improvement and Efficiency agenda. Yorkshire Forward will maintain their lead role in terms of economic development. The new arrangements will also mean that local councils are able to influence this agenda by making sure that the future sustainable economic development strategy for the region is deliverable and built from local priorities.

Councillor Arthur Barker, Chair of LGYH and Leader of Hambleton District Council said: 'Throughout Yorkshire and Humber we have a strong track record of working with cross party support on issues to shape our region and make our communities better places. Local Government in the region is strong and these new arrangements will help to maximise the value we can add for our communities by collaborating at the sub-regional and regional level.

Our partners and stakeholders have an important role to play in the new arrangements through the provision of expert advice and opinion and their involvement is welcomed by the Joint Regional Board. Over the forthcoming months we will build on the excellent relationships and joint working we have in the region. As Local Authority Leaders coming together with Yorkshire Forward and other partners we will ensure that government at all levels maintains the focus on delivering excellence for our communities, businesses and our citizens.'

Terry Hodgkinson, Chair of Yorkshire Forward comments; 'In the face of challenging economic conditions it is more important than ever that the public sector works effectively and efficiently together to deliver the best for our region's economy.

The business community has long asked for a more joined up approach to planning and economic development issues, and these new arrangements will provide that, along with the opportunity to develop an integrated strategy for our region's development that builds on the successes of organisations like the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly, and maximises our assets for the future.'

For more details contact Paul Cartwright, Communications and Events Manager for LGYH on 01924 331631 or email

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