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Policy and Influencing

LGYH undetake a range of policy and influencing work on behalf of its membership where there are shared priorities or a single voice is needed. This includes:

Local Government Finance

Working to ensure that local government has the resources and tools it needs to deliver for local communities - e.g. by shaping the reform of local government finance, making it more stable and responsive to local needs.

Health and Wellbeing

Supporting local authorities at local level to respond to the transformation of public health services and reform of the NHS, promoting the democratic role of local government in the health and wellbeing agendas.

Localism and Decentralisation

Providing a cross party unified voice to influence central government's localism and decentralisation agenda - including the Localism Bill and other legisaltion - emphasising in particular the risks of imposing unreasonable controls over local government.

Work & Skills

Continued support for Local Authorities on work and skill development.

Climate Change

Yorkshire and Humber is seriously exposed to climate change. We have more properties and businesses at serious flood risk than any region, apart from London. Our industrial base means we have one of the most carbon intensive economies in Europe. However, with these challenges come immense opportunities.

We aim to support the delivery of the following:

  • Strong regional leadership and coordination to ensure delivery of work to tackle the causes and effects of climate change in all sectors.
  • Support for local authorities and their partners in the delivery of their climate change targets, with a particular emphasis on improvement and efficiency.


  • Provide strategic support the Climate Change Partnership to effectively develop and deliver the Climate Change Plan for Yorkshire & Humber
  • Take forward the key recommendations of the Regional Adaptation Study by integrating these into the Climate Change Plan for Yorkshire & Humber 
  • Project management of specific projects to deliver the Climate Change Plan for Yorkshire & Humber
  • Support Local Authorities to deliver against their climate change targets by driving forward delivery of the YoHr Space Climate Change programme
  • Support the development of effective climate change partnership relations between national, regional, LGYH and other regional city, sub regional, and local partners. 

For information about the Regional Climate Change Partnership :

Localism Statement

Localism StatementLocalism Statement

LGYH: The Orangery, Back Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TG Telephone: 01924 200 262 email:

Service Transformation in the North - In June 2014, NLGN and its partners convened a workshop  to discuss how councils in the North were integrating and transforming their public services. This paper summarises the discussion. More information here.

APPG Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire report following the session on the bioeconomy is now online, along with the APPG letter sent to Lord DeMauley following the meeting . More information here.

Yorkshire and Humber Local Authorities have submitted a joint letter to the DfT Rail Franchising consultation . More information here.

The APPG Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire report following the session on local transport investment and growth is now available. More information here.